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Physical Education


At Bierton Combined CE School we provide a high-quality PE and school sports curriculum, taught by qualified teachers throughout the school. We want to inspireall children to consider physical activity as part of their everyday life, achieving their personal best, regardless of ability. We teach children about healthy lifestyles, good food choice and the benefits of being active through our PE and Healthy Minds curriculum. We provide an environment to support children to succeedin being confident to engage in physical activity, with embedded values such as fairness and respect, helping to develop future athletes and good citizens who lead healthy lives. We engage in a range of competitive and non-competitive sporting fixtures to give a range of pupils the opportunity to represent the school. We challengeall of our children to be active for sustained periods and to develop their knowledge and skills across a broad range of sports and activities.


Our curriculum has been carefully designed to promote self-confidence and a positive attitude to learning in all children, regardless of their individual background. Well-planned, purposeful activities, building on what the children already know engages the children in their learning and allows them to make maximum progress. Interventions are carefully planned for any children who may need additional support.

There are opportunities for children to engage in Child Initiated Learning, as well as adult directed learning. Practitioners have high quality interactions with our pupils, and observe and respond appropriately to children, whilst extending their learning further through high quality questioning.

The Early Years environment is planned and resourced carefully to support the children’s knowledge and understanding and to foster their interests. It allows children to plan, explore, experiment and make their own decisions about their learning, thus creating independent learners, who are ready for the next stage in their education.

Our provision caters for children from a variety of different starting points and we build on what the children can already do and what they already know. Tailored and targeted support is put in place for those children who may need it and this is recognised and implemented as early as possible. The curriculum is taught through topics which are enriched with classroom enhancements, trips and visitors. Our topics are supported by carefully chosen, high-quality texts, which aim to develop children’s speech, language and communication development.

We value the role that parents play in their child’s learning in the Early Years. We work hard to create strong partnerships between home and school. Parents are kept up to date via newsletters, celebration afternoons, Tapestry and through sharing Topic webs. Parents enjoy seeing and hearing what their children get up to.

Our children are assessed in relation to their progress towards the Early Learning Goals. An in-depth knowledge is gained of all the children and these ongoing assessments are used to form the planning and next steps in teaching and learning for all children throughout the year.

All lessons include:

  • a starter and stretching section
  • skills practice, based on previously taught skills
  • through teacher input, children acquire and develop new skills
  • children will then apply these skills within paired work, small games and larger game situations
  • a warm down and reflection.

These lessons allow pupils have the opportunity to:

  • develop new skills 
  • work collaboratively and compete with others
  • select and apply appropriate skills, tactics and compositional ideas 
  • evaluate their own and others’ performance in order to improve
  • receive knowledge and understanding of how sports can promote healthy lives and mindfulness
  • experience a range of roles, such as attacker, goalie, defender, referee and coach


We have achieved gold in the school games mark for the last three years, recognising our commitment to the sporting education of all of our children and our aspiration to continue to develop sport at Bierton Combined School. We achieve high outcomes in school sport, with multiple entries at the Bucks & Milton Keynes School Games and high-level achievement in both Football, rugby and Netball leagues. Our children are well prepared for their future sporting journeys, maximising the opportunities and self-confidence to continue their sporting aspirations into healthy, active, adult lives. 

We have recently carried out a small sample questionnaire to staff and a class within our school to see how well the survey would go. From this, we have adjusted some questions to extract maximum knowledge and understanding for the purpose of the questionnaire. We have also started a sports council which will be having its first meeting this half term. This will allow us to actively engage with the pupils within the school and understand how they would like to develop their curriculum knowledge and physical activity. We have liaise with staff to check they are teaching lessons that are in line with the long term plan to make sure there is a progression of skills from year to year.  

  • Survey results from staff and pupils, potentially even parents

  • Assessment data

  • Data from clubs