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Bierton C.E Combined School Governing Body is committed to developing excellence within all areas of the school provision. The Governing Body holds termly meetings and consists of representatives from the Diocese (Foundation Governors), Local Authority (LA), parents (elected by the parents) and staff (elected by staff) including the Head teacher, as well as members of the wider community. Governors are elected for a four year term and agree to adopt a curriculum subject for focus and to contribute to specific committees.

The Governing Body works alongside the Head teacher and is responsible for the strategic vision of the school.

Areas we cover include:
  • Ensuring accountability to check that the school is on course to meet plans and targets and to identify priorities for the future
  • Acting as a critical friend that knows when to celebrate success and when to encourage improvement
  • Appointing the Head teacher and with the Head teacher, the Deputy and other teaching staff
  • Approving the school budget
  • Reviewing and approving the school development plan
  • Establishing a staff disciplinary committee
  • Reviewing and agreeing various policies
  • Managing the Head teacher’s Performance Management
  • Being responsible for healthy and safety
How do I raise a concern about the school and how are the Governors involved?

Governors do not have responsibility for the day to day management of the school and we are not a first point of call for complaints. We can consider matters that have first been raised with the class teacher and then the head. If, after this, the matter is still unresolved, we can be formally approached and take action through the complaints committee. Such matters should be addressed in writing to the Chair of Governors at the School Office. The governors corporately are not able to initiate any disciplinary matters.


Most of what we do is on the public record and the minutes are published and kept in school.  Occasionally, matters referring to individuals (staff or pupils) need to be kept confidential.


 If you have any questions about the work of the governors feel free to approach us.  Parent governors in particular have a responsibility for this.

  • We do not have responsibility for the school’s day to day management – this belongs to the head teacher
  • We are not responsible for pupil discipline unless the head teacher decides to exclude a pupil for more than 5 days in which case we must review and agree the decision
  • We are not responsible for staff performance management or discipline unless the head teacher takes formal proceedings in which case we must formally consider this
  • We have no responsibility for the allocation of staff to classes
Contact details:

Chair of Governors - Mr T Dutfield (

Chair of Curriculum Committee - Mrs E Holding (

Chair of Finance, Personal and Premises Committee - Mr D Radley (