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School Staff

Leadership Team

  • Headteacher: Ms Jenny Martin
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mr Will Gadsby
  • Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Georgina Bramley

Class Teachers

  • Reception: Ash: Mrs A Moore
  • Reception: Alder: Miss H King
  • Year 1: Beech: Miss S Smith
  • Year 1: Birch: Mrs A Bailey
  • Year 2: Cedar: Mr R Niesyto
  • Year 2: Cherry: Mr M Glanney
  • Year 3: Hazel: Mrs J Start
  • Year 3 Holly: Mrs C Vasku
  • Year 4: Pear: Mrs N Glanney
  • Year 4: Pine: Mr J Sloan
  • Year 5: Spruce: Mrs G Soffe
  • Year 5: Sycamore: Mr T White
  • Year 6: Walnut: Mrs L Glover and Mrs E Henley
  • Year 6: Whitebeam: Miss Reilly-Wheeler

Curriculum Leadership: 2023-2024

  • Ms J Martin: Child Protection (DSL), Healthy and Safety and Assessment
  • Mr W Gadsby: Child Protection (DDSL), Health and Safety, Evolve (School Visits) Leader and Teaching and Learning Leader
  • Mrs G Bramley: Child Protection (DDSL), SENDCo and Early Years Lead
  • Mr M Glanney: Child Protection (DDSL) and Key Stage 1 Lead
  • Mrs V Tarling: Acting Early Years Lead, Early Years SENDCo and Child Protection (DDSL)
  • Phase Leader for Year 1 and 2: Mr M Glanney
  • Phase Leader for Year 3 and 4: Mrs J Start
  • Phase Leader for Year 5 and 6: Mrs L Glover
  • Early Careers Mentor: Mr T White
  • Pupil Premium Lead: Mrs J Start
  • Global Neighbours: Mr M Glanney
  • SENDCo: Mrs G Bramley, Mrs N Glanney and Mrs V Tarling
  • Literacy Team: Mrs A Bailey, Mrs G Soffe and Mr T White
  • Maths Team: Miss S Smith and Mrs J Start
  • STEM Team: Mrs L Glover and Mrs A Moore (Science, DT and Computing)
  • Social and Cultural Team: Mr M Glanney, Miss K Reilly-Wheeler and Mrs C Vasku (PSHCE, RE and Foreign Languages)
  • Humanities Team: Mrs N Glanney and Mrs H King
  • Performing Arts Team: Mr R Niesyto and Mr J Sloan (Music, Art and PE)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs N Bailey
  • Miss E Lewis
  • Mrs L Kent
  • Mr J McDonald
  • Mrs J Twyford

Learning Support Assistants

  • Nursery Team: Miss R Keeler, Miss K Croft-Mead, Miss N Strong and Mrs J Welland
  • Early Years: Miss H Huggins, Mrs S McNulty, Miss A Tonder and Mrs Watt.
  • Key Stage 1 Team: Mrs L Cain, Miss Z Donaldson, Miss C Field, Mrs L Ince, Mrs Kent and Miss L Malocaj.
  • Key Stage 2 Team: Mrs H Brooks, Miss T Brooks, Mrs J Davey, Mrs L Farmer, Mrs S Kelly, Mrs L Mills, Mrs N Majek, Mrs K Sunderland, Mrs H Tollyfield and Mrs H Wint.

Specialist Intervention - Learning Support Assistants

  • ELSA: Miss T Brooks, Mrs N Majek and Mrs H Wint
  • SaLT: Mrs H Brooks, Mrs L Cain and Mrs L Kent
  • OT: Mrs S Kelly

Office Staff

  • Mrs S Orlandi: School Business Manager
  • Mrs D Lancey: Personnel Administrator
  • Mrs J Beesley: Family Liaison & Attendance Administrator
  • Miss N Page: Office Administration Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors and Play Leaders

  • Mrs B Belardo - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Miss R Ahmed
  • Mrs J Davey
  • Miss C Field
  • Miss Huggins
  • Mrs L Ince
  • Mrs N Majek
  • Miss L Malocaj
  • Mrs S McNulty
  • Mrs V Metcalf Bell
  • Mrs L Mills
  • Miss S Randall
  • Mrs K Sunderland
  • Mrs A Symes
  • Mrs H Tollyfield
  • Miss A Tonder
  • Mrs C Watt


  • Leader: Mrs S Cooper
  • Play Assistants: Mrs B Belardo, Mrs F Brooks, Miss T Brooks, Mrs D Gillett and Mrs L Jeffs.
  • Casual Play Assistants: Miss Z Donaldson, Mrs A Guess and Mrs S Kelly

Premises Staff

  • Site Manager: Mr L Howard