Bierton CE Combined School

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The School Day

Start of the day

The school gates open at 8.35am. For KS1 pupils staff members will be on the playground from 8.40am with a whistle blown at 8.50am which reminds the children to line up sensibly and the parents to leave the playground.

KS2 pupils are asked to go directly to the classroom door or nearest playground door. These are opened daily from 8.40am with teachers on duty in the classroom.

Once entered onto school premises a child is not permitted to leave.


The school day begins at 8.55am and we fully expect children to be in class on time. Registers are taken at 8.55am and are closed at 9.05am.

In the case of absence we ask parents to contact the school office on 01296 483110 every morning their child is absent before 9.25am to ensure the absence is authorised.

The school day

Following registration all classes will begin lessons.

Playtimes. All classes have a fifteen minute break, KS1 at 10:20am and KS2 at 10:40am

Lunch is staggered for KS1 and KS2. KS1 break for lunch at 12:00 noon and KS2 at 12:05pm. Lunch finishes at 1:00pm.

Collective Worship takes place at the end of each day.

Monday - Key Stage 1 in the morning and Key Stage 2 at the end of the day.

Tuesday - Class reading buddies or art buddies

Wednesday - Whole school singing assembly

Thursday - Whole School

Friday - Whole school clebration assembly 

After school

School finishes for KS1 pupils at 3.15pm and for KS2 pupils at 3.20pm

Any child being collected by taxi or parent is running late should wait outside the school office until the appropriare person collects them.