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It is the aim of this school to provide every child with the best education possible. Our objective in setting out the school's Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy is to make everyone aware that we want all pupils to benefit as fully as possible from the education provided within the school.

We cater for pupils who experience difficulties in: 

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Behaviour, emotional and social development
  • Sensory and/or physical and medical conditions

The school has full provision for pupils who are disabled.

Please refer to our SEN Policy for further information.

Furthermore information, which is included within our SEN Policy and Annual Report, can be found below.  

If you require further information, please contact our school SENCo:

Mrs G Bramley (currently being covered by Mrs J Makepeace)



Provision at Bierton CE Combined School

We have Learning Support Assistants (LSA) to support those children with additional needs. They are trained to run a number of interventions. Below is a sample of some of the internvetions that are monitored by the SENDCo:

  • Rainbow Road - to support pupils with memory and sequencing difficulties.
  • OT resources pack - to support pupils with gross/fine motor difficulties
  • Social Stories - for children who struggle with self awareness and understanding of social expectations.  
  • Direct phonics - for pupils who have not responded to other phonics teaching or interventions.  
  • Toe-by-Toe - systematic, one-to-one, phonics teaching.
  • Zones of Regulation - to manage self regulation skills to control behaviours.
  • ELSA Groups - a small group for children who may feel insecure in school or who are in need of more adult attention than can be provided in their main class.


Ordinarily Available Provision

Guidance to support schools and education settings, clearly outlining their roles and responsibilities to students and young people in their care. 

Ordinarily Available Provision 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Buckinghamshire Local Offer support for ASD children

The National Autistic Society

Support within Buckinghamshire

Autism Bucks Twitter

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Recommended books to support your child.

  •  'I can be who I want to be even though I have ADHD!' By Robert Gregory 
  •  'All dogs have ADHD' by Kathy Hoopmann
  •  'Mrs Gorski, I think I have the Wiggle Fidgets' by Barbara Esham
  •  'ADHD is our Superpower!' by Soli Lazarus 

ADHD support

Support network 


Recommended books to support your child:

  •  'Xtraordinary People Made By Dyslexia' by Kate Griggs

British Dyslexia Association 

Coloured overlay for your screens

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Buckinghamshire NHS OT website

Primary OT Resource Pack

Handwriting Letter Formation 

DCD (Dsypraxia)

Dyspraxia Foundation

National Handwriting Association 

Children and Mental Health

You may be aware that mental health conditions in children are on the rise, with a major NHS report indicating that as many as 4 children in a class of 30 could be contending with serious emotional disorders. This has been heightened by the National Lockdowns that have occurred. It's down to each of us to help the children in or lives that are struggling.  We have an excellent pastoral team led by Miss Brooks the afternoon where we can provide help for pupils in school. the guide below may be useful for parents to use at home to support their child.

Parent's Guided to Supporting Children with Anxiety

Young Minds Parent Helpline

Buckinghamshire Council are holding a Well-Being Matters event for 7 - 11 years olds over half term. Click on the image to find out more details.

Speech and Language Parent Portal

 Visit for lots of FREE speech and language resources, advice and tips for parents working at home with their children who have SLCN.

Social Stories
Some children may find a change in their routine, such as a snow day, very difficult to cope with or understand. This short social story may be useful to help them with any anxious feelings they may have about this unplanned change.

Keeping healthy social story

Self-isolation social story

SEN Coffee Morning for Parents

Our next SEND Coffee Morning Date is: Tuesday 1st February 


Thank you for all those parents who have joined us for our successful coffee mornings.  We had some very positive feedback from the sessions.  Parents have found it useful to discuss strategies that they use at home, understanding the structure of SEN procedures at Bedgrove Junior School and looking at a range of resources to support learning at home. Parents also enjoyed the opportunity to network with other parents.

SEND Coffee Morning - September 2021


Useful documents

SEN Policy

SEN Annual Report - September 2020

SEN Annual Report - September 2019

SEN Annual Report- September 2018 

Buckinghamshire Local Offer for SEND Information


Useful websites

The National Autistic Society Link

Bucks Local Offer Support for ASD Children

SEND Bucks Family Site

Bucks Local Offer for SEND