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Road Safety & Travel Plan

Road Safety

Throughout this school year, we will be working towards achieving our Bronze Travel Plan Award to equip our children to stay safe as they travel to and from school.  These are some of the initiatives that we will be doing to raise awareness of road safety:

  • Walk to school week
  • Walking reward schemes – go for gold (all year round)
  • Cycle training Y5/6 
  • The Big Pedal – cycling and scooting competition 2nd May 2015
  • Bike to school week – June 
  • Bikers breakfast – during bike to school week
  • Bike maintenance – during bike to school week
  • Footsteps training – pedestrian skills Year 2
  • Scooter skills – road safety skills
  • Truck road safety programme - March 11th
  • Road Safety Week 17th-23rd November. This Years theme 'Look out for each other'

School Travel Plans

School Travel Plans are developed, maintained and monitored by the whole school community, to promote and facilitate sustainable travel for the school journey.

Parents can encourage active and sustainable travel by:

  • Supporting their children’s school by helping them to meet the aims of their STP.
  • Allowing their children to walk, cycle or scoot to school
  • Using Park & Walk sites rather than driving their children all the way to school
  • Car sharing with another family