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Parent Workshops

We thought it would be useful for you to have some information on how you can support your child at home in different areas of the curriculum. 

Below you will find information to help you support your child in Mathematics, Phonics, Spellling, Puncutation and Grammar and Computing. Please look out for our workshops that are run throughout the year to discuss this information in more detail and demonstrate examples. 

Assessment Without Levels

Please see below the PowerPoint Presentation from the Assessment Without Levels Parent Information Evening that was held at school. You will also find the booklet of expectations for each year group for Reading, Writing and Maths. These expectations are the expected objectives for the end of the year and children will be working towards meeting these throughout the school year. 

Parent booklet: the new curriculum and assessment without levels

Curriculum expectations

Growth Mindset Workshop

"If parents want to give their children a gift, the best thing they can do is to teach their children to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort, and keep on learning."  - Carol Dweck

  • Has your child told you they are ‘Growing their Brain’ at school?
  • How do our Learning Behaviours impact your child’s progress?
  • What is a Growth Mindset Learner and how does it differ from a Fixed Mindset Learner?

For answers to these questions and an insight into Bierton’s Philosophy of Learning, please see the links below.

Parent booklet: Growth Mindset

Calculation Workshops

If you missed the recent Maths workshop for Early Years and KS1, then please see the Presentations below.

The workshops were a success! Here are some quotes from parents who attended:

'I have really enjoyed the four sessions and now feel confident that I can help the children with their homework.'

'I've found these workshops hard due to how I was taught at school but they have been invaluable, especially now my son is in key stage 2. I am now confident in helping him with these new methods.'

'I'm very happy with this course and I have learnt a lot of easier ways to teach my daughters at home.'

'Excellent workshop - very useful. I will definitely be using the techniques I've learnt.'

'I am now particularly confident how to explain making things ten times bigger or smaller without just saying 'add the zeros!!'

'It was good to see the different methods used in school and the policy too.'

'The structure of the workshop - Powerpoint presentation, exercises, sharing of resources and Mrs Hale's explanations - were particularly useful.'

'Clear progression of each step and helpful explanations. Thank you!'

If you were unable to attend the workshops, please see below for the Powerpoint presentations.


To find out more information about how to support your child in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar please refer to the booklet below.


As you know, the school purchased i-pads and Macbooks for the children. Therefore, we thought you might findit useful if you were aware of what educational apps and software the children are using in school so you could download them on to your tablets at home. 

Please look at the link below for reccommended Apps for your children.

If you missed the recent Computing workshop, we looked at the changes to the curriculum (see Powerpoint), created an interactive times table game on Scratch ( and looked at some of the Apps listed above.