Bierton CE Combined School

Aim High, Achieve Success, Find Your Sparkle and Shine

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Aims and Values at Bierton CE Combined School

 At Bierton CE Combined School we aim to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum with a range of experiences and opportunities to support their learning development throughout their time in primary school. We believe that every child (and adult) should ‘Let their light shine’ (Matthew 5:16) and be provided with opportunities to explore their ‘light’ and allow them to sparkle by aiming high and subsequently allowing them to shine. Our curriculum has been devised with our children at its heart and with 7 main aims:


S – Skills development

P – Progressive

A – Autonomy

R – Relevance to us

K – Knowledge Development

L – Learning Power

E – Enrichment opportunities


By providing all children with the chance to ‘Let their Light Shine’ and Sparkle we create an inclusive culture of learning where all children will aim high and be challenged to achieve to the best of their abilities and find their unique sparkle. Through this children develop their sense of citizenship and Christian Values of Love, Respect, Honesty, Cooperation and Responsibility which they demonstrate both in school and in our wider community.


On these pages, you can find information about our different subjects and topics. 


If you would like further information about our curriculum, please speak to the school office and they will help you contact the relevant member of staff. 


We are currently carrying out a whole review of our curriculum offer and evaulating our curriculum. This process is outlined in the action plan below.


Curriculum Review Action Plan (2019)