Bierton CE Combined School

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Our Topic Work is carried out on a two-year cycle to allow all children to explore areas across the curriculum. To help you support your children at home, we have summarised the different exciting and intriguing topics that the classes will be covering across the year. Each topic states the areas of the curriculum that it will mainly link to as well as a brief idea of types of things that will be covered. 

If you feel you can support any of these topics in any way please do contact the school. Maybe you have visited a particular place that a class are studying and are willing to share your experiences, maybe your job is linked to the area they are exploring and you are happy to come and share some information or possibly you have a skill or talent in a particular aspect and you are willing to come in and share with the children. We would love to hear from you.


On these pages, you can find information about our different subjects and topics. 


If you would like further information about our curriculum, please speak to the school office and they will help you contact the relevant member of staff. 


We are currently carrying out a whole review of our curriculum offer and evaulating our curriculum. This process is outlined in the action plan below.


Curriculum Review Action Plan (2019)