Bierton CE Combined School

Aim High, Achieve Success, Find Your Sparkle and Shine

School Staff

Teaching Staff

Assistant Headteacher:
Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 Leader
KS2 Leader:
Ms Jenny Martin
Mr Will Gadsby
Miss Georgina Smith
Miss Georgina Smith
Mr Will Gadsby

Class Teachers

Reception: Ash: Mrs Polly Smijth-Windham

Recepetion /  Year 1: Alder: Miss Sophie Richardson                     

Year 1 / 2: Beech: Mrs Lauren Thompshon

Year 2: Birch: Miss Georgina Smith

Year 3 / 4 Cedar:  Miss Megan Holm

Year 3 / 4 Cherry:  Mr Mark Glanney (Leading Year 3 / 4) and Miss Carly Roberts-Thornhill

Year 3 / 4 Chestnut: Mrs Gemma Soffe

Year 5 / 6 Hawthorn: Mr Will Gadsby and Miss Rhianna Evans

Year 5 / 6 Hazel:  Miss Joanne Mayer

Year 5 / 6 Holly: Miss Lydia Quinn and Mrs Lisa Smith

PPA Cover: Mrs Alison Guess (HLTA), Mrs Nicola Bailey (HLTA), Mrs Helen Pearse, Mrs Jo Inkley (HLTA) and Mrs Lisa Smith


Classroom Assistants

Ash and Alder (Reception and Year 1): Miss Zoe Donaldson, Mrs Lisa Kent and Mrs Vicki Tarling

Beech and Birch (Year 1 and Year 2): Mrs Louise Cain, Mrs Laura Famer, Mrs Jo Inkley (HLTA) and Miss Charlotte Vasku.

Cedar, Cherry and Chestnut (Year 3 and Year 4): Mrs Nicola Bailey (HLTA), Miss Theresa Brooks, Mrs Alsion Guess (HLTA) and Miss Charlotte Vasku.

Hawthorn, Hazel and Holly (Year 5 and  Year 6): Mrs Hazel Brooks, Mrs Katie Gibney and Mrs Sharon Kelly


Non-Teaching Staff

School Bursar / PA to Headteacher:  Mrs Alison Baker

Administrative Assistant: Mrs Debbie Wheeler

Clerical Assistant: Miss Sally Dell

School Caretaker: Mr Peter Arnold

Cleaners: Miss Elisa Donaldson and Mr John Hughes


School Meals Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Penny Fletcher

Mrs Anika Beresford- Hall    

Mrs Amanda Symes 

Mrs Linda Wallace     

Miss Leanne Hussey     

Mrs Samantha Jones                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Bierton Out of School Club (BOSC)

BOSC Leaders: Mrs Sharon Cooper and Mrs Jo Inkley

BOSC Deputy Leaders: Mrs Nicola Bailey

Mrs Fiz Books

Miss Theresa Brooks

Mrs Debbie Gillet

Mrs Lisa Jeffs

Mrs Sharon Kelly

Mrs Janet Stockley