Bierton CE Combined School

Aim High, Achieve Success, Find Your Sparkle and Shine

Bierton Lamp

School Staff

Leadership Team

Headteacher: Ms Jenny Martin

Deputy Headteacher: Mr Will Gadsby

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Georgina Bramley


Class Teachers

Reception: Ash: Mrs A Moore

Reception: Alder: Miss S Smith

Year 1: Beech:  Mrs Smijth-Windham

Year 1 and 2: Birch: Miss A Rawlins

Year 2: Blackthorn: Mr M Glanney

Year 3: Cedar: Mrs P O'Hare

Year 3 and 4: Cherry: Mrs G Soffe

Year 4: Chestnut: Miss M Holm

Year 5: Hawthorn: Mrs V Mattia

Year 5 and 6: Hazel: Mrs L Glover

Year 6: Holly: Miss J Mayer


Teaching Staff: Roles and Responsbilities

Ms J Martin: Child Proection (DSL), Healthy and Safety and Assessment

Mr W Gadsby: Child Protection (DDSL), Health and Safety, Evolve (School Visits) Leader and Teaching and Learning Leader

Mrs G Bramley: Child Protection (DDSL), SENCO, Early Years and Key Stage 1 Leader

Mrs V Mattia: Key Stage 2 Leader, Growth Mindset, MfL and Music Leader

Mrs A Moore: PSHCE, School Travel Plan and Philosophy 4 Children Leader

Miss S Smith: Art / DT Leader

Miss A Rawlins: PE Leader

Mr M Glanney: RE and Spirituality Leader

Mrs G Soffe: Literacy Leader

Miss M Holm: Geography / History Leader

Mrs L Glover: Science / Computer Leader

Miss J Mayer: Maths Leader

Mrs H Pearce: Art Co-ordinator 


Support Staff

Mrs J Inkley (KS1): Higher Level Teaching Assistant / First Aid / Forest School Leader

Mrs N Bailey (Year 5/6): Higher Level Teaching Assistant/ Young Carers Lead

Mrs A Guess (Year 3/4): Higher Level Teaching Assistant / First Aid

Mrs S Kelly (Year 3/4): Teaching Assistant / First Aid

Mrs L Cain (EYFS): Teaching Assistant / First Aid

Mrs H Brooks (Year 3/4):Teaching Assistant / Librarian

Miss T Brook (Year 5/6): Teaching Assistant/ ELSA

Mrs K Gibney (Year 3/4): Teaching Assistant/ SaLT

Miss Z Donaldson (KS1): Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Davey (KS1): Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Farmer (KS1): Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Vasku (Year 5/6): Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Wint (Year 5/6): Teaching Assistant

Miss K Bray (Year 5/6): Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Kent (EYFS): Teaching Assistant


Nursery Staff

Mrs V Tarling: Nursery Leader

Mrs C Watt: Nursery Assistant


Office Staff

Mrs S Orlandi: Bursar

Mrs D Wheeler: Admissions and Personnel

Miss S Dell: Office Administration Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs S Bibi, Mrs P Fletcher, Mrs S Humphries, Mrs A Syme, Mrs L Wallace, Miss T Ashall and Mrs B Belardo



Manager: Mrs Sharon Cooper 

Deputy Manager:Miss Nicola Bailey

Miss Theresa Brooks

Mrs Felicity Brooks

Mrs Debbie Gillett

Mrs Lisa Jeffs

Mrs Sharon Lovett-Kelly

Mrs Janet Stockley


Premises Staff

Mr P Arnold: Site Manager

Miss E Donaldson: Cleaner